Hello Afghanistan Bandar with Najiba We are in Russia The Afghan students are our guests And some Russian students as well And our debate is on friendship between the Russian and Afghans And talk with the students who study here, And ask about the facilities and challenges they maybe faced I would like to welcome Our first guest is someone who is teaching since 40 years here in Russia Professor Marina She is the professor of social science In Dosti Khalq Ha University And the next guest is Mr. Sarwar Anwari The professor of law in Dosti University He has been teaching since 25 years Welcome Thanks For inviting us to the prestigious event And I am proud of seeing my Afghans and stay with you And Najiba, you are a sweet and nice girl I think we have to build friendly relation to the journalists So that we could convey the message to the world that we are promoted Thank you so much Najiba Thanks for inviting me In Dosti Institute, since 1960 we teach students And we have Afghans students as well And totally 100 students are studying with us Last year we had 200 Afghan students Only we have 27 students in administration institute And we accept 20 students annually As they say, my friend is Russian but I don’t understand Russian But I could get you You haven’t been to Afghanistan When you listen about Afghanistan, what is the image it creates in your mind I have never been to Afghanistan But we held political affairs seminars since the last ten years Why not only have close relations with the Afghan students, But we have also good relations with the social institutes And our relation is based on a best understanding And we never take them as foreigners And I also wish the Afghans to have the same feeling And the most important issue is that they have studied here And after getting their degree they will return to their country And share the message of peace and democracy to the people As I told you in the beginning, we have students with us Afghan and Russians Welcome Dr. and please introduce yourself In the name of almighty God First of all I would like to express my greetings to you and the viewers, Of Ariana TV I hope they are doing well I am Aziz Obaidullah Iam from Khust But living in Kabul Jan I am studying in Dosti University dentistry faculty And it is my sixth year of lessons And it is your final year Yes And you will return to Kabul and issue money And how much will your fees be I decide to offer best service with least money i am happy for you to come here and return after studying At the side of studying here what else did you learn Traveling to a foreign country is a big lesson And secondly, the best lesson I learnt is that here, they don’t have the sense of discrimination and hipocracy Secondly I have never seen any one within the ix years to talk on the politics And I was involved in lessons from 9 to 6 but I have never experience any political Or hipocracy Or talk about unrelated issues But our problem is that We were 200 students, from Afghanistan But they are not friends to each other, And they act hypocrisy against each other, What i really hate A Russian student is with me He tries to learn Dari language I will talk to him in Dari, and you can compare how my Dari and his Your name Sabina How long have you been trying to learn Dari Only for two years what do you think, is it difficult of easy It is difficult Very difficult i always say it is very difficult but they don’t accept it And you don’t know Pashto No I don t When you learnt Pashto, Dari will become simple to you Please tell me if you like to go to Afghanistan I have lived in Afghanistan i was in Mazar e Sharif How was it It was so nice Have you eaten Shirpera Yeah Sherpera, Ice cream They are so tasty But I will teach you Pashto Najiba, you are so beautiful Did you get what I say No I would like to talk to another Afghan student Now Could you please introduce yourself I do also would like to offer my greetings to you Najiba The students And through the Bandar program to all my country fellows And wish they will be fine I am Zabiullah Naseri A resident of kabul I am a student in diplomacy People friendship university Thank you so much Welcome What is the differences between the Russian and Afghanistan educational standards The big difference is that the Russians culture are different And we have to consider it And they have a wider prospects And they learn language And we have students from 155 countries, And we have to learn from their culture And do you think the educational standards are in same level In our country there is very few innovations what is more in this country I would like to turn back to Mrs. Marina And what are the challenges for the Afghan students, here To be honest, Not only the Afghans students, But for all the foreign students, And to resolve the challenges, The students learn Russian language in the first year But I think it would be better for them to learn Russian in their own country then coming to Russia As the one year time is not enough for the Russian language to learn And that is the problem what they may have it is so famous university Those who want to join us they have to collect much information they have to join seminars And we have online seminars We have two targets Teaching and adding to their informations A Russian students is with me who is learning Pashto Language Welcome, and please introduce yourself Thanks I am Elia I am studying in Dosti University i am learning Pashto since two years And learning Dari for three years I am an Afghantalist And learning about Afghanistan history and language Please tell me which language is more difficult, Dari or Pashto i have to say that Pashto is very difficult Pashto is difficult but it is so interesting to me that is right And i have spoken to Pashtons a lot and how old are you I am 20 years old Once child is married and the second is immature Please talk to me in Dari as well Hello I am Naria Talk about my beauties I am very happy to stay with Afghans Sorry I didn’t understand you You are so beautiful girl Thank you so much I would like to offer my greetings to the audiences and to you and the viewers, And all the brave people of Afghanistan i am Moh. Peroz Nawrozi second years student in computer science In Bowman state technical university And it is the biggest technical university in Rusia And the astronaut’s Uni Gagarin travel’s technical issues were planned here, And I am also the head of educational and cultural Of Katib association We work with the students in terms of technical and resolve their challenges How can the new students who come to Russia contact you How do you understand they come We have facebook page called Katib Association In Moscow And every Monday, we send our person to the airport To pick the new students who come To study in Russia And we write on a paper that we will help the new students And after reading, they contact us In terms of registration and dormitory processes Do you study computer scince Yes And do you plan to do back to Afghanistan Yes sure Are the Russian girls beautiful or Afghan Is it so difficult question Yes, the Russians and Afghan Girls are also here Both the Russians and Afghans are nice You answered so technical Thank you so much Good luck Mrs. Marina still has the smile in her face And do you always keep the same smile even during the lecture in the class or frown that time It will be so boring for a foreigner to listen a language for one and half hours But we have breaks For making the lesson not boring Our responsibility is to teach the students, With love not with imposing force the teacher has to react nice to the students, Although the teaching environment is not so friendly but we still try to make it better I liked her so much and like to have a mother in law as her Does she have any single son Sorry, I have only one son, and he is married Tell her that in Afghanistan they marry four wives My daughter in law is so strict, and she won’t agree I missed the chance And was there a chance for me if your son was not married Yes, you had the chance We have so many fields in medical field All the fields are important But nowadays people like to have a nicer look And a friend is joining from that field First of all I would like to offer you and the team my greetings, I am Asadullah Nori from Srobi district of Kabul provicne I am coming doing my specialty in Rodwin university And you want to learn dermatology And how long will you study That is a three years course And what is the changes you see here In terms of education The machinery what exists here, are not there Only the machinery is here and we are mentally safe Here While it was difficult there And we had no educational facilities and reading place do you plan to end the lessons and return home or marry here My target is to serve my homeland and return And that is why I selected the dermatology As we had few dematology specialists Welcome Thank you so much I am feeling thankful to you thanks for making he chance for the students to talk about their problems And find the chance to talk about the new tech promotions And you didn’t introduce yourself too i am Ali Bashardost, from Diakondi province And I think you are not good with the mic My name is Ali Bashardost I am from Daikondi province Do the students have any problem here, The problem will be that the student won’t be able to comeup with the Russian language And that will be a problem What else Some tiny problems exist, which are not negotiable Thanks What is your name My name is Delib What is your message To the Afghans who are watching us right now I wish we could build good relations between Afghanistan and Russia And make a friendly relation to each other First please introduce yourself Hello and welcome to Moscow I am Khaibar Akifi I am studying PhD In political science and regional studies And you mean the political affairs will get better Yes, god is willing A few days earlier you got a project Didn’t you Yes I joined in a youths gathering where more than 800 youths were joining Joined From 108 countries, And there is a fund sharing foundation I proposed my project, It was called Afghan and Russian youths for one aim And my aim for the project was to make a gathering for the Afghan and Russian youths, To make relations, And work together, Thanks First of all please introduce yourself Marina Like the Mrs. Dr Why did you want to learn Dari Because it is so nice and sweet language I agree with you What do you like in Afghani tradition In Afghan culture I like the calligraphy more than anything else And poetry And how long have you been learning Dari 2 Years Please introduce yourself I am Haji Ghairat Second years student in Master First of all I would like to offer you my greetings, and the viewers And I am a resident of Wardak province And what do you do for the Afghan students We arrange the exhibitions what are held Also shares the challenges of the students with the administration And what kind of exhibitions are them this years we had almost 16 exhibitions Another young students is with us He does also learn Dari language Please introduce yourself My name is Vitari I am third years student in friendship university of moscow Unfortunately we don’t have the option to select language in this uni And I was afraid of not being selected an European language Because I love the east so much And eastern history And especially middle east I was interested to learn Dari, Persian or Tajiki Language And I am a student of Dari and Tajiki language What do you like from the eastern culture The most important and amazing this was that we had the first humans in the middle east First of all please introduce yourself I offer you my greetings, And all the viewers, My name is Khalid Mashal I am student of engineering in Dosti Ha University I am from logar provicne But now living in Kabul Many people and teenagers are watching you now And you understand that the security situation is not good in Afghanistan And most of them try to go outside for education What is you message to them if they want to come there are lots of thing to say, but some important points I want to raise People encourage the youths to go to Russia and all the facilities are provided But all of them are untrue studying facility is provided well And safety is better than Afghanistan But regarding the economical issue, its not good for the Afghan students, If the students have any supporter outside it would be good otherwise they may suffer lots of problems And we know that Afghans are not in a suitable economical situation And they may need around 300 USD monthly To fulfill their needs And this was my message to them That was an important message Hello, my name is Alexi I am forth year’s student in Moscow uni And I study Iran and Afghanistan’s literature What is the word you like the most in Dari I like the word satisfy I offer you my greetings And to the veiwers, I am Akbar Pacha from Balkh province I am coming here since a year I was working with the media back there, For at least ten years After that I came here to do my master In international relations In social media pages, We always find people sharing Hates and hypocracy And similar irrelevant issues As all the world can watch what the Afghans do So what is your message to the people Before coming here , I was also trying to write such a report by what I could attract more attentions But it is different here, They try to write something what they never touch the feelings of the people And they want to make entertainment You mean they want to motivate people in news, Yes, exactly Although they do not have wars and bomb blasts, but writing reports What they do is different And they never pick the negative aspect And they always pick positive aspects And they have no problem with 193 ethnicities, While we have few ethnicities, We are faced with challengs, There is war and we do also add fuel to the flame With our reports, Thank you so much What was the problems what you were faced 25 years ago Economical problems I think students can find pocket money for them Anywhere they go Yes, they work in Russia But here, they have another norm, what prevents them to work Without any work permits And very limited number of that i available And those who are introduced by the ministry of foreign affairs, They are paid a hundred dollars monthly And how is the friendship between the Afghans and Rssian All the students shall communicate in Russian In the class, in the hostel And in other places, And that is good for them because in every group, we have Russian students as ell And that will help them to study well And learn Russian as well We never divide the students in their race based Therefore they have to help each other, And some people who come here, they change Within 6 months, Friendship is a standard for us And we encourage all to this We always try to celebrate national and cultural days of all the nations So that to make them closer We always encourage people to friendship We reached the end of this Bandar In Russia We enjoyed it so much I really appreciate professor Marina Thanks, come here and study And you will be good student and in bachelor and masters we teach English and Russian as well And they can get the degree in Russia and English And we look forward to new Afghan students, I hope we will have other Afghan students, Our university’s door is always open towards them Thanks sir For coming Welcome And I appreciate your participation Have a nice time I have a small suggestion from you And that is our country is ruined as a result of hypocracy Then I wish you will never think about it As we have students from different provinces here, From daikondi, Kabul, Mazar Kundoz Ghazni And I think to build a friendship here, and carry it to the country that will be so helpful for the nation