European energy exchange The Government wants to unite Ukrainian and European energy markets. As a result we won’t only be able to buy and sell electric energy abroad, but also finally reject the services of the Russian energy grid. Anything Ukraine will need we will buy in Europe, at that at competitive prices! Segodnya journalists know what Ukraine will have to do to achieve that goal. Imported, Slovakian and Hungarian KWs… Ukraine will be able to buy them abroad. The first step has been taken: new electric energy market has been working in Ukraine since July. Step 2 is to join the European market. That step is the most important for future energy independence. We are still energy-dependant on Russia and Belarus. The Kremlin can blackmail Kyiv in emergency situations. However, the Cabinet of Ministers has set a resolute course for uniting of the Ukrainian and European energy markets. Our countries have common historical experience. I believe that Ukraine will finally become a member of the European family and we meet again within the framework of unification. We are interested in the Estonia’s experience in integration with the European energy market. We are planning to join the energy market of Europe as soon as in 2025. Oleksii Honcharuk, the prime minister of Ukraine. These are the words of the prime minister as for the joining of the European energy grid. The competition there is more intense! They see Ukraine as an additional market. And the sellers of foreign kWs will work as, for instance, gas stations’ networks. They will only sell electric energy. Who will be the winner? Everyone who watches TV, charges mobile phone or simply turns on the lights, as when numerous suppliers are fighting for their clients, the quality of services will become better, and the price more pleasant for the purchasers. This is the way it works all around the world. For instance, this is about the competition not only between the players within one country, but among the players of many countries. That means more competition, better quality of services, and lower electric energy prices. That is to say, that means joining the NSI, which unites 34 countries working in a synchronous mode. We are following this process along with Moldova. There are 34 countries able to sell electric energy to Ukraine. Energy companies are already testing how it works. The first imported kWs have arrived at so-called Burshtyn Energy Island. So far, that has been the only entry point for the European electric energy, as it was physically connected to the international network. …we are on our way to get disconnected from Russia and get connected to Europe. That is an extremely complicated path technically-wise. When we need to cover the peak demand, we will be able to buy electric energy from Europe. It will most probably be cheaper than the thermally generated one. Besides, we will be able to sell electric energy from our nuclear power plants to Europe when they need it. Energy experts say we will be able to purchase and sell up to 20 billion kWh a year. However, we will manage to earn from the sale of purpose kWs when we have modern equipment and networks. In compliance with the approximate calculations, that is UAH 220 million. In the end, such a step is likely to save the money of an ordinary client and help the country become energy-independent. Yulia Dronnyk, Vitalii Anistratenko, Pavlo Tyrskyi, and Oleksii Kovalevskyi. Segodnya, TV Channel Ukraine.