As cockfighting enthusiasts embrace the digital age with platforms like the World Pitmasters Cup (WPC) Sabong Register, it’s crucial to be vigilant against potential scams that can exploit the passion for this traditional sport. This article aims to guide cockfighting enthusiasts on how to spot and avoid common scams associated with the WPC Sabong Register, ensuring a secure and trustworthy experience within the digital realm of cockfighting.

  1. Beware of Fake Registration Platforms:
    • Scammers may create fake websites or registration platforms mimicking the WPC Sabong Register to collect personal information or payments. Always verify the authenticity of the website by checking official channels and contacting WPC directly if in doubt.
  2. Secure Payment Practices:
    • The WPC Sabong Register may involve transactions, such as registration fees or betting payments. Ensure that payment processes are secure, and be wary of requests for unconventional payment methods or personal financial information. Legitimate transactions should occur through established and trusted channels.
  3. Phishing Attempts and Email Scams:
    • Scammers may send phishing emails or messages pretending to be affiliated with the WPC Sabong Register. Avoid clicking on suspicious links, and verify the legitimacy of any communication through official channels. Legitimate organizations typically communicate through their official website or authorized communication channels.
  4. False Promises of Guaranteed Wins:
    • Scammers may promise guaranteed wins or insider information for a fee. Be skeptical of such claims, as cockfighting outcomes are unpredictable, and any guarantee is likely a fraudulent attempt to exploit enthusiasts. Rely on informed analysis and data from reputable sources like the WPC Sabong Register.
  5. Unauthorized Ticket Sales or Live Streaming:
    • Scammers may offer unauthorized tickets to virtual or physical cockfighting events, or they may claim to provide exclusive live streaming services for a fee. Verify the authenticity of such offers through official event organizers and streaming platforms to avoid falling victim to ticket scams.
  6. Misleading Betting Advice:
    • Be cautious of individuals or platforms offering purported insider information or betting tips for a fee. Legitimate betting advice relies on informed analysis, and any unsolicited or overly confident advice should be viewed with suspicion.
  7. Fake Rooster Listings:
    • Scammers might create fake rooster listings on the WPC Sabong Register, promoting non-existent or misrepresented birds. Verify the authenticity of rooster profiles by cross-referencing information with reputable sources and ensuring consistency with historical data.
  8. Unverified Cockfighting Events:
    • Scammers may promote unverified cockfighting events, claiming affiliation with the WPC Sabong Register. Before participating in any event, check the official WPC website or contact organizers directly to confirm the legitimacy of the competition.
  9. Stay Informed and Educated:
    • Enthusiasts should stay informed about common cockfighting scams and regularly check for updates or warnings from the WPC Sabong Register. Education and awareness are key to spotting potential scams and avoiding fraudulent activities.


The WPC Sabong Register offers a valuable platform for cockfighting enthusiasts, but it’s crucial to be vigilant and proactive in identifying and avoiding common scams. By staying informed, practicing secure payment practices, and verifying information through official channels, enthusiasts can ensure a safe and enjoyable experience within the digital landscape of cockfighting. Additionally, reporting any suspicious activity to the WPC and relevant authorities can contribute to the overall security and integrity of the cockfighting community.

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