Card counting is one of the most prevalent strategies used by Okbet blackjack players.

Card counting strategies have been around for a long time and are used by nearly all expert online blackjack players.

Using these strategies, you can get a natural advantage over both the casino and other players.

Card counting strategies for blackjack should be utilized with caution, as gambling sites may ask you to leave if they suspect you’re counting cards or if you make it plain that you are.


Here are the three most frequent methods for counting cards when playing blackjack online.


The Hi-Lo card counting system is the most commonly utilized card counting system in both land-based and internet casinos today.

Here are five simple steps to using the Hi-Lo card counting system:

  1. Determine the point values. You must assign a value to each card before you can begin counting them.
  2. Begin from scratch. Begin with 0 at the top of the deck. When the cards are revealed, begin adding and subtracting based on the value of each card. If your first five cards were a 3, a 7, a king, an ace, and a 6, your count would be: 1+0+1+1 = 0.
  3. Divide the current count in half. After the first round is completed and all cards have been dealt, divide the number of cards remaining by the number of decks remaining in the shoe. You’ll have the most precise count when you move on to the following round.
  4. Make your decision. Now that you know what your true number is, you may consider how to bet.
  5. Make a decision. Your genuine number will help you decide how to gamble on whether or not your hand is good. However, you are the only one who can make the final decision.


The Knockout card counting system, often known as the KO system, is similar to the Hi-Lo system and is simple enough for even new players to grasp.

The primary distinction between the KO and Hi-Lo systems is that the KO system is not balanced. This means that it has more low cards that add to the deck rather than subtract from it.

One of the best aspects of this approach is that it is simple to determine how many 10s remain in the shoe.

The Incorrect Half

Although it works, the Wong Halves card counting approach is more difficult than previous systems. It is not suitable for those who have never done it before.

Because you must keep track of three levels of value, the Wong Halves online blackjack card counting strategy is difficult to utilize.

Many cards have a fractional value, which means that some are only worth 0.5 while others are worth 1.

Using the true number as a multiplier, like in the Hi-Lo system, is the simplest approach to determine how much to bet.

Why is it vital to use a blackjack strategy?

When you play blackjack, you can obtain a variety of hands. The dealer may use any of the 13 ranks of cards in the deck, numbered 1 to 11.

You can construct card combinations with hard or soft values ranging from 2 to 21 plus 13 pairings.

There are so many hands with all of these different combinations that it’s simple to make a mistake.

You must understand that there is a correct approach to play each hand combination in blackjack. If you don’t play the hand correctly, the casino has a better chance of winning.

Only if you completely understand the rules of online blackjack and have a game plan in place will you have the best chance of winning.

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